CSR activity

Corporate social responsibility essentially refers to the role that companies can play in meeting the agenda of sustainable development and entails a balanced approach to economic progress, social progress and environmental stewardship. CSR in India tends to focus on what is done with profits after they are made!

Yes, it is true that we are into business; it’s also true that we run on benefits, however, our specialty is that when it comes to CSR, we listen to our heart and our emotions reign supreme! We are aware that we live in a society where there are several levels and strata and we also know that there is a class called the “underprivileged” which belongs to the lowest layer and we feel that it is our social obligation to cater to the welfare of the underclass! So when we got the opportunity to contribute we took it up with open hearts!

Durga Puja 2018

Indian Women and Youth Skills Foundation, a social welfare organization gave us the golden chance to follow our hearts. Just before Durga Puja 2018, we had provided 42 destitute girls at a shelter home in Haltu with brand new dresses and various delicacies. Since then, we have become an integral part of the advisory board of Indian Women and Youth Skills Foundation and feel contented to see smiles on the otherwise sad and deprived little faces! We whole heartedly participate and contribute to the various social activities of the above organization.


We have also been requested by the chairman of Indian Women and Youth Skills Foundation, Mr. Indrashish Chatterjee to be a part their new venture “Saplings”.

“Saplings” is a play school for the underprivileged kids at a slum in Dhobiatala [Ward No. 58]. We are glad to be able to contribute to the growth of these little kids.

Aware Parents

“Aware Parents” is an upcoming project of Indian Women and Youth Skills Foundation, where we have taken up the responsibility to make the unfortunate parents in Dhobiatala aware of the importance of education in order to stop child labor, human trafficking and teenage prostitution!

We have lot more to contribute towards the welfare of the society in collaboration with Indian Women and Youth Skills Foundation and we feel gratified contributing to the welfare of the lesser Gods!